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Happy New Year to all the writers, readers, writers-to-be and friends out there. I hope 2018 will be a peaceful and  productive year for everyone, whatever hopes, dreams or ambitions you cherish.

Since I’m running ‘Breakthrough; Write your Novel’ a twelve week course beginning next week, I thought I’d dig out a blog I started writing a couple of years ago about learning new things. You can read it on my ‘blog’ page, just click on the button at the top. It’s called ‘The Learning Journey All Writers Take.’

Meanwhile, I’m finishing edits on my new novel due out this time next year, and have begun three others all of which are preoccupying me in their different ways. It’s not always easy to see which project is the one most worth working on, but I’m following my own advice, (as given to a student recently,) to go with a gut instinct. I think I’m going to focus on the story I feel most passionate about. I believe it’s passion that shines through all the best novels, more than commercial potential, genre convention, or literary prowess. My favourite film of the year, Paddington, won me over not because  of the brilliant effects or the excellent acting, or even because I always loved the books as a child, but because it seemed to have been made with passion, (as well as compassion and emotional honesty.) I haven’t seen Paddington 2 yet but I hear it’s even better than the first, so that’s a treat in store.

Back to this website. There’s all the usual  information about new books, upcoming events, and courses on here.

And don’t forget you can buy books (and I mean any books, not just mine!!) by clicking on the appropriate buttons, but if you  love the feel and smell of a real book, do use the ‘Find your local bookshop’ button ( it’s a red arrow at the bottom of the ‘Books’ page).

There’s no better way to spend a quiet hour than rummaging through books in a library, at a bookstall or in a real life bookshop IMHO. Treat yourself.

Thank you for visiting!

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