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Welcome to my website.

On the following pages you will find information about my new books, upcoming events, and courses. I also write a blog  about the ups and downs of being a writer. There are some writing tips there, because sometimes we need inspiration when we’re flagging. But the blog is also about  other books and writers that  I love.

You can buy books by clicking on appropriate buttons, but if you appreciate independent bookshops, and love the feel and smell of a real book, made of paper rather than just print on a screen, as I do, please do use the ‘Find your local bookshop’ button ( it’s a red arrow at the bottom of the ‘Books’ page). Go and buy  a book or just  visit and browse- there’s no better way to spend a quiet hour than rummaging through books in a real life bookshop, IMHO!

Thank you for visiting!

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  • “This creepy well-written debut is reminiscent of John Fowels’s The Collector but with the genders reversed” ...Read More

    Tideline book review- Laura Wilson, The Guardian
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