Writing School

Breakthrough: 12 Weeks to Write your Novel

A Cambridge based novel writing course

Breakthrough is a course devised by Penny to help writers who are struggling to complete their novels. It involves twelve weekly two hour sessions with a small group to focus on your writing.

Its aim is give you the motivation and encouragement to finish your work, to identify a market for your writing, and uniquely, to meet and pitch to a top literary agent.

For information and an application form please contact Penny Hancock.

We actively encourage people from under-represented groups to apply to our writing courses.

We have priced the classes competitively, taking into consideration similar ones such as those at the Faber Academy and Guardian Masterclasses (where Penny has taught).

However, if you are struggling to pay, please do get in touch so we can discuss how we can help.

Raili Taylor, participant on a previous course, says:

The encouragement and guidance I received from Penny and my fellow writers restored my flagging faith in what I was trying to do.

It can be difficult to talk about your writing to a group of strangers but Penny was able to establish a calm and supportive atmosphere from the start.