I Thought I Knew You

Winner of East Anglian Novel of the Year 2019 in association with Jerrold’s, National Writers Centre Norwich, University of East Anglia

“Who do you know best?

Your oldest friend? Your child? Or yourself?”

When Jules’s daughter Saffie makes a shocking allegation against Holly’s son Saul, the best friends fall out for the first time ever.  Nothing will persuade Holly that her son is guilty. But Jules’s thirteen-year-old daughter is clearly traumatised.

As the two mothers attempt to deal with the allegation without involving the police, other closely held secrets are revealed. Everything the two women held true is thrown into question, and their friendship strained to breaking point. When one of the teenagers goes missing the story takes an even darker turn. Who can they trust any more?

I Thought I Knew You explores friendship versus motherhood, how our most fiercely held views are tested when we’re personally affected, and how, for Holly and Jules, no one is quite who they think they are.

Not even themselves.

Reading Group Questions

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