The Choice

The Choice in hardback, propped up against a vase on a table

When Renee Gulliver fails to pick up her beloved grandson from school and he vanishes, she isn’t only wracked with guilt, but she cannot confess to where she was when she should have been at the school gates.

As her daughter gives her a terrible ultimatum, the family is forced to recognise that choices we make have long reaching repercussions. Set on an island off the Essex coast that can be cut off at high tide, The Choice examines themes of family estrangement and how difficult it can be to escape labels given us as children. It is described by Woman’s Own as ‘a gut-wrenching read‘ and by Pam North as ‘a compelling, complex and exquisitely imagined family drama.’

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Anne Cunningham writing in the Meath Chronicles (Ireland) says:

...a gripping yarn, but beautifully written too, and Hancock is brilliant on the minutiae of family dynamics.

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