Cool Places- The Greenwich of Tideline and Deptford of The Darkening Hour

“Greenwich is special. It is in London, yet parts can feel like a village in the country. It is steeped in history, yet has some of  the most contemporary tourist attractions in London in the 02 and the cable cars that cross the river. Henry VIII exercised his dogs on the Isle of Dogs side of the river and hunted for deer in Greenwich Park, and its Royal Park is home to ancient oak trees, the Royal Observatory and the Meridian line, and famous Wren twin-domed Royal Naval College,  Maritime Museum and Queen’s House form an architectural ensemble that has been called London’s Versailles.

But these are not the things that make Greenwich special for me, nor the reason I made it the setting for my first and second books, Tideline and  The Darkening Hour. The area has a place in my heart even though I don’t live there any more. It  symbolizes for me childhood, adolescence, and those first forays into adult life that felt charged and illicit. It has foot tunnels and hills, dimly lit pubs and hidden alleys, and of course the river, with its constantly ebbing and flowing tide. Below are some of the places I love to visit when I go back – places I loved as a child, but which have become a lot more cool since I left…”


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