Refuge – short stories GalleyBeggarPress

Refuge is a  collection of short stories put together in order to raise money for the refugee crisis. It includes some fantastic pieces from some of my favourite authors, Stella Duffy included.  It’s an honour  to be listed alongside them.  For just a fiver you can contribute to the lives of people who have had to leave their own homes and to seek refuge in countries they do not know and may feel unwelcome in- something that always terrifies and moves me. Having a home is a basic human right, being at home is where we are most able to be ourselves, to feel loved and wanted. The thought of being uprooted or of not being able to reach home is something that haunts me. The concept of what home means is something that fascinates me. I am so pleased to have been able to make a tiny contribution to the refugee crisis, albeit from the comfort and warmth of my own home!

It’s easy to download if you go to the Galley Beggar Press website